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Koala Hat Covers

Koala Hat Covers Had to make mention of this: Marvel is printing out some cool variant covers for they’re 70th anniversary, using the old “character frame” concept from a similar promotion many years ago. These alts are a simple shot of a major character on a white background, surrounded by this border of big Marvel heroes. And who’s on this new frame

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Mass Effect 2: Non-Spoiler Warning!

Caution! Spoilers ahead! Or….. is there? During E3, Bioware gave the basic in-booth demo of the next chapter in their proposed three-part space opera, Mass Effect. The demo had all the features you expect, but what was truly surprising wasn’t anything in the demo itself, but what the boys at Bioware were telling people alongside it. As recounted by Garnett Lee

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The Gravity Well

I’d stopped bothering with “Avengers: The Initiative” a little while ago. I’d been reading my roommates issues, but I got kind of bored. I liked seeing all those characters that go unused pop up in the series. What I didn’t like was how they all became somewhat homogenized being part of this big military operation. Worst off was a personal favorite of

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