Koala Hat Covers

Koala Hat Covers
Amazing Spider-man #502Had to make mention of this:
Marvel is printing out some cool variant covers for they’re 70th anniversary, using the old “character frame” concept from a similar promotion many years ago.
These alts are a simple shot of a major character on a white background, surrounded by this border of big Marvel heroes.
And who’s on this new frame (drawn by Jim Cheung)? Lots of people, but the only one that matters is the Runaways’ caffeine fueled, pint-sized powerhouse,Molly Hayes (aka Bruiser, akaPrincess Powerful).

She could take Rulk.

One of my favorite marvel characters. I just love that this 10 year old girl who wears silly hats get to join this pantheon of heroes, right next to Captain freaking America.
Plus, she gets the full stage for the Runaways variant cover!

Runaways #13
“Wolverine is a jerk!! And he smells like beers!”
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