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I Will Be Places!

Hey Halifax/Halifax-adjacent readers! I will be appearing some places this weekend! Here is the info for them if you would like to show up! Huzzah! The UAG Art Collective presents: “All Dressed Up and Lots of Art to Show!” – The newest art show for local artists from the Upstairs Art Gallery. Saturday, September 26 at 6:00pm Aperture Studios 1657

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Little Poll

Hey guys! I’m just trying out this little poll program here. I have a bigger one I’d like to do, but let’s try this as a test. The next few issues are going to explore some of the superheroes a little more deeply, and I’m curious which ones you guys are most interested in. Edit:¬†Thanks for voting everyone! The poll

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Finding The “I” In Team

– Why team-based RPGs capture my imagination more than the alternative.Playing through Persona 4 at the moment, I find myself absorbed in it to a degree I haven’t had with an RPG since Mass Effect. In between these games, I’d picked up both Fallout 3 and Fable 2, and quit both out of general ambivalence. And I couldn’t help but

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