Halloween Contest!

Hello and welcome to the first official Aptitude Test contest! (It rhymes!)
With October upon us, I need to figure out what to do for my yearly Halloween comic! To refresh your memories, every year I do a comic with Julie and Rina all dressed up for Halloween.
They’ve been Young AvengersStreet Fighters, and Death Weapon Meisters already.

So this year, I’m looking for ideas! Here’s the breakdown:

1) If you have an idea for Julie and Rina’s costumes, send it totoug_2000@hotmail.com and write “Halloween 09″ in the subject line. Any idea is good, just follow these vague guidelines:
– A theme for the two of them is encouraged over two unrelated costumes, but it’s not a rule.
– Geeky/pop culture stuff is always good.
– If it’s something more obscure, sending some reference my way would be a help.
– Nothing obscene or weird. I’ll tell your mothers.
– I’m sure my friends are all going to send me ideas, but you guys can’t win, got it? Yes, I’m talking to you Tempo.

2) I’ll pick the top 3-5 ideas (depending on how many I get) and set up a poll. Then everyone gets to vote on what I draw! The contestant who picks the winning entry… is the winner!
– You can send more than one suggestion, but only one will make it to the poll.

3) The winner get both his/her idea brought to life, and I’ll do them afree commission! A fully coloured drawing of whatever they want! Plus, a copy of my new Aptitude Test mini-comic, which features a bunch of all-new character bios and other neat stuff. Cool huh?

So show me what you got! All entries should be in by October 18th.
Email: toug_2000@hotmail.com

Some people have told me they’ve had trouble e-mailing me. If you’re one of those people, please try this alternative address:

Or, send me a message on Twitter, or post on the Forums! I am giving you as many possibilities as I can!

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