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HAL-CON Hulabaloo!

Ah buddy! All this weekend (Oct 29-31), I can be found at the inaugural “HAL-CON”, Halifax’s very own Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention! You’ll be able to find me in the artist ally/vendor room, selling mini-comics, prints, and sketches. Depending on where I can get set up in proximity to the Strange Adventures section, my table may very well be consumed by the might

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Aptitude Test – October Shows

Hey there! Are you a person situated in and/or around Halifax, Nova Scotia? Do you enjoy conventions and shows of various sizes? Would you enjoy the sight of me sitting behind a little table attempting to hawk my wares? WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK. Later this month, I will be at 2 shows in Halifax. And here is the information for them! Strap

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