HAL-CON Hulabaloo!

Ah buddy!

All this weekend (Oct 29-31), I can be found at the inaugural “HAL-CON”, Halifax’s very own Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention! You’ll be able to find me in the artist ally/vendor room, selling mini-comics, prints, and sketches. Depending on where I can get set up in proximity to the Strange Adventures section, my table may very well be consumed by the might and majesty of“Cal-Con”. It’s like the Borg.

And I won’t be alone! Sharing the table for most of the weekend will be Ben Jeddrie, international man of mystery. I saw him at the copy shop, and I can tell you he has zombie-related comics for you to check out. And on Sunday, we’ll also be playing host to Mr. Dave Howlett, of Tuco Comics. Dave will have copies of his awesome comics like “Slam-A-Rama” and“Scenester” for you to check out.

The aforementioned “Cal-Con” will also be playing host to some awesome guests, like Darwyn Cooke, Faith Erin Hicks, Mark Oakley, and Caanan Grall. Also, you should also seek out Josh Rodgers of “Captain Mushface” “fame”. He’ll be around. Hopefully close enough that I can flick rubber bands at him.

Information overload! I’ll see you there! My most awaited con guests are mistersMurphy and Corbett, so I leave you with this:


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