Rina’s Top 10 Games of 2010

Okay everybody. I am here to rock you’re worlds… by way of making a list of video games. ARE YOU PREPARED?
Keep in mind, these are personal choices. If you disagree… well, I don’t really care. Get yer own list! Quit makin’ waves man. Let’s do it!

#10 – Just Cause 2 (Avalanche Studios)

This one might be a bit of a cheat, as I never actually played this game, really. The disc never entered my X-box. But the demo,MY GOD THE DEMO. I played that demo SO MANY times. It’s silly really. I spent more time with that demo than some of the other games on this list.
But that demo. So much fun to be had in little half hour chunks. I’ll probably play the full game at some point, but my memory of the little bit I saw cemented this as one hell of a crazy-ass, mind rocking experience.

#9 – Comic Jumper (Twisted Pixel Games)

Comic Jumper makes the list for somewhat nebulous reasons. It’s not the strongest game-play wise. As dual-stick shooters or beat-em-ups go, it’s lacking in both. A jack of all trades, master of none sort of deal.
But you know how the Oscars suck because they never honor comedies even though their just as valid and possibly take more skill than drama? You know how that sucks? Yeah. If I’m grading games based on pure enjoyment, regardless of where that enjoyment stems from, Comic Jumper has to make the list. Because Comic Jumper is funny as hell.

Bonus! Good luck gettin’ this out of your head:

#8 – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game (Ubisoft Montreal Studios)

I think I’m a minority on this, but I recently went back to this game, and I still love it. Beyond just loving the comic and digging the fan service this game dishes out, I think it’s really solid as a modern day brawler.
Plus, it’s at least top 5 for both graphics and soundtrack as well.

#7 – Halo: Reach (Bungie Studios)

Look, I could bullsh** you guys and say Halo Reach is on this list because of all the usual Halo-related goodness. A decent campaign (“but not as good as ODST!” she says with no one listening), expanded firefight, level editors. It’s even more packed with great content than Halo 3 was.
But I’ll be honest. Getting to make my own Spartan and play pretty-princess-and/or-death machine dress-me-up with them is a big part of it. I am a sucker for character creators. This game would’ve made the list regardless, but this is the new hotness as far as me and Halo are concerned.

#6 – Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
(Camelot Software Planning)

So to be honest, I just got this for Christmas, and haven’t got that far in it,buuuuuuut it’s a new Golden Sun, and that’s amazing. I love these games pretty hard. I’m often turned off when it comes to swords and sorcery type fantasy, but these games mix in enough mythology, steam-punk, and anime tropes to get my perfect blend, similar to how Avatar works so well for me.
So while I can’t speak to the entire game yet, the odds are pretty good it’d be on here regardless of how it shakes out, so I’m including it.

#5 – Costume Quest
(Double Fine Productions, Inc.)

This game does work much better for younger players, but damned if my inner 8 year old didn’t think this game was cool as sh**. I’m for anything Double Fine does, really. I’m not sure who they think they are, never releasing 2 games that are even remotely similar looking, but I’m all for it.
It’s a simple game, but bite-sized enough so that it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome with the somewhat repetitive combat. The premise is just so damn cool you overlook anything like that.

I think the Statue of Liberty special attack sums it up pretty well:

#4 – Rock Band 3
(Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.)

There’s not really much to say about Rock Band that hasn’t been said before, but…. here we are. Rock Band 3 is really great, and reshapes a lot of the interface and campaign stuff about Rock Band that bothered me before. I’m not about to invest in the pro instruments, but it’s super-cool for the people interested in it. And the party mode style no-fail and jump-in options round out the other side of the fan base.
Rock Band Network also launched this year, and within a few minutes browsing it, I found “The Touch” by Stan Bush, so that validates that right there. In fact, I’m checking it again as I write this and IS THAT THE SOUNDTRACK TO ‘SPLOSION MAN!!? *swoon*

#3 – Pac-Man Championship Edition DX(Namco Bandai Games Inc.)

Oh god. Even thinking about this game puts in into what amount to some sort of drug-induced coma. The first Championship Edition did a great job of updating the classic Pac-Man, but DX actually succeeds in creating a brand new game around the basic mechanics of Pac-Man, which frankly I’m not sure anyone ever even thought to do before.
The out of body experience you get can only be achieved by DX’s combined might of eating twenty billion ghosts while listening to the trance inducing music at a minimum volume of “as loud as your TV can get”.

#2 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo EAD)

When aliens comes down to earth and, at gunpoint, demand we explain the bizarre facets of our culture, they will get to gaming and demand to know “What are these VIDEO GAMES you speak of?” We will then sit them down in front of Mario Galaxy 2, and after playing for a few minutes, they will say “OH!VIDEO GAMES. We get it now.”
That’s the best I can give you. Galaxy 2 is amazing for all the reasons Mario games are usually amazing, and a few new ones as well, but it’s ultimately the purest distillation of what it is to be a video game. Plus, “Face-ship”.

#1 – Mass Effect 2 (BioWare)

And I have already forgot the other 9 games I talked about. To hell with those games. This was maybe the first 2010 game I actually played, and nothing released in the rest of the year managed to live up, which is almost kind of depressing.
Mass Effect is a complete slayer that kills on every level. While the game-play downplays the RPG elements a smidge to much, the improvements made to the action half of the game’s equation more than make up for it.
The story also skews itself to one side of it’s own spectrum, focusing less on giant epic plots, and making the bulk of it’s screen time on smaller vignettes centered around the various mentally unstable bad-asses you’ve taken under your roof. Which is great, as I’m always more invested in character stories, and the ones they present to you are great. Oh, how I love each of those crazy muthers.
In short, Mass Effect 2 isn’t just my game of the year, but also one of my favorite games of all time.

I’m Commander Shepard,
and this is my favorite game on (or off) the Citadel.
Be sure to come back Wednesday for Julie’s Top 10 Comics of 2010! We be listing stuff like mad over here!

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