Welcome to “Aptitudetestcomic.com”!

At last! The new site is live! I am very excited about that! A big round of applause for internet wizard Lissa for this amazing looking site.

Also thanks to Colin for hosting the comic and managing the site for all those years. But Aptitude Test has grown up and moved out of the house. Got itself an apartment.


So here’s a quick rundown of the new things you should know about in this new website:


– Comments: Not only does the blog have proper spam-filtering comments, but now the comic posts themselves can be commented on! You can talk about the comic itself right there! Please don’t hurt my feelings!

– Archive: Is still just an archive, but now looks super awesome! Seriously, check it out. Looks great on mobile devices too.

– Gallery: All the old Halloween/X-mas/Guest Comics can now be found on the gallery page. Maybe other things? Eventually?

– RSS feed: There is one of those things now! People have asked for that for years now. I literally have never used one, so hopefully that works!

– Shop: COMING SOON. I should have this ready to go later this week. It’ll be a Zazzle store where you can get some cool AT t-shirts. Is there anything else you might want? Let me know!

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The new site looks great, and thanks for the RSS feed. Now only 4 of the webcomics that I read don’t have one (and two of those are Freefall and Sinfest, both of which come out like clockwork). Roll on issue 12!

CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your new look :)
I’ve been checking back to look forever it seems.

There’s a “funny” on my IE8 whenever I navigate the site; the advert strip jumps into the main image.
I have to use the tab key to get into the other comment boxes too, clicking the mouse in the box doesn’t select the email box etc..

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