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REVIEW: X-men #1 (Marvel)

by Wood/Coipel/Morales/Martin

I didn’t even read 1 X-men book a few years ago. Hardy ever really. Beyond the occasional foray into the giant ocean that is the X-men universe (the Whedon/Cassaday “Astonishing”, and stack of “Academy X” back issues, etc), I’d never really fallen into it. This is now the fifth X-men book I’m reading at the moment, after getting sucked into the insanely fun Wolverine and the X-men, and Bendis’ 2 on-goings, and an X-force picked up somewhere in there.


X-men is really cool you guys. Like, in general. But this book specifically, the relaunched “Adjective-less” X-men, is also pretty cool. So far at least.


Acting as one of the sort of sub-squads of X-men within the larger community residing at the Jean Grey school, this particular grouping of mutant heroines comes together when two surprising guests come knocking at the school. Villain John Sublime, and longtime member Jubilee, who shows up with a baby. Which is odd, as you might guess, as she did not have a kid last time anyone checked.


Coipel’s art was probably the biggest draw for me on this book, and he delivers his expected level of excellence that’s been seen in books like Thor or House of M in recent years. There’s a lot of superhero artists that might make female characters kind of “same-y”, but Coipel does a fabulous job making each member of the all-women team distinct from one another, in both face and body language.

The story starts off a nice clip. There’s a few elements introduced that get things moving in the story, although a few of them are sort of only half explained. I’m not familiar with John Sublime, and the baby is only sort of explained so far, but that all appears intentional. It’s easy to follow, just not in a huge rush to spell out the whole story up front. A brief scene near the start seems to be setting up some sub-plots with student characters as well, which I always like to see. The characters all have a nicely defined voice as well. Psylocke’s cold stare and Rouge’s devil-may-care attitude all ring nicely. I could maybe do without Kitty saying “OMG” out loud though (save that for Boom-Boom).



A nice catchy opening to the series. I expect the hook to come in the next few so this book can officially combine with all the other X-books into a giant Voltron of taking-my-money.


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