RP Profiles – Doh’ Ranna

In which I explain all the dumb RPG characters in issue 12.


Or “Doe Rhanna” as it was originally. What’s up with that, me who changed the name a few weeks ago? Whatever. From 2011 by that signature.


So┬áDoh’ Ranna was very real character I made a few years back. Unlike Angela though, I did it on purpose. The meta-game was “How long until the other players figure out I’m Dora the Explorer?” The answer was a couple sessions. I basically kept introducing more and more elements that would give it away. I think the monkey’s name was “Boo-tah” or something close to that. Magic backpack. I think it was when I got to some sort of magic map that they got wise.

I’m easily amused is the point I guess.

It was in a game of Exalted, and she was part of a group trapped in some kind of weird valley with a mysterious tower. My memory for the specifics is pretty bad. But at some point she got shoes that gave her super-speed, and there was some sort of siege of bad guys on the valley?

The joy here was playing a serious fantasy-RPG but just keeping up the plucky, overly chipper preschool attitude the entire damn time. Try it sometime! It’s super fun. Just a lot of:

“Dear god! There’s a legion of orcs about to kill us all! Get ready for the final battle!”

“Don’t worry everyone! We can do it! Just believe in yourselves!”

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