RP Profiles – Mona Lisa

In which I explain all the dumb RPG characters in issue 12.




“Mona Lisa” is maybe my favorite character that only got used for one game. She was made for a rare instance of me playing D’n’D. It was also a game in which we attempted to teach my younger brother to play an RPG. He was 13 or so at the time, and it…. uh… well it could’ve gone better. Regardless, the game was short lived. Which is a bit of a shame for Mona’s sake.

Mona was created while I was tearing through reading the original Full Metal Alchemist comics for the first time. I like them quite a lot. Mona is an alchemist, and abides by the FMA rules of needing to draw symbols in order to use her rune-priest type magics. She does this by using the huge spool of paper on her back there. She reaches back, wraps a bunch around an arm, and then paints a quick symbol, and unleashes hell. Since she has to do this every time, she quickly builds up thick sleeves of paper on each arm.

I made her a bandit princess, which might have better suited a more specific game, since she was very chaotic in nature. She was fun to play, since I just went full “Jesse from Team Rocket” style anime villainess¬†with her. Yes, I did the laugh.


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