Where’s Aptitude Test?

A fair question!

So, first of all, an apology. It’s been… quite a while! I should really have updated the comic’s status a while ago, but I never quite knew for sure, so I never really knew what to say.

So… what’s up? After finishing Issue 12, I had planned on just taking a short break (I actually went on a vacation right after! I’ve never done that!), but it turned into longer. After doing this comic (mostly) regularly for quite a few years now, I guess I got a little burnt out. I actually started in on it, and got a few pages of 13, but needed a break. Also, I’ve been busy with other stuff.

The Other Stuff

1) I’ve been working with a friend/co-worker on developing a pitch for a cartoon series, in which I’m the writer. We’ve put a  fair bit of work into it, pitched it in a few forms, and are still actively working on it. So that’s a pretty big deal. Wish us luck, obviously. That might have not have prevented AT from updating, but I also…

2) Started working on another pitch! This one for a graphic novel! And this one all by myself! So that’s way more work! I’ve been writing, designing a gaggle (scientific term) of characters, and I’m now in the middle of drawing a sample scene. Once done that, I’ll start looking at shopping that around too. It’s a brand new thing, but is based in the AT universe, because that’s the kind of brain I have. Again, wish me luck.


So where does this leave Aptitude? Well, after I didn’t get back to it when I’d hoped, I figured I’d let myself just take a purposeful sabbatical, as opposed to just not doing it and feeling bad. So as of right now, I’m gonna say it’ll come back in 2015. I’ll get more specific when I’m sure, but January seems doable. I’ve had to face the fact that I’ll probably have to end this comic someday, but not yet dammit! I’ve got plenty more to do with this thing! And by god I will! So follow me on twitter and tumblr and tniddle and trufo or whatever to keep up with me, and I’ll be back soon enough! Promise.

If you have any questions, or just want to yell at me, go for it!

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