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Where’s Aptitude Test?

A fair question! So, first of all, an apology. It’s been… quite a while! I should really have updated the comic’s status a while ago, but I never quite knew for sure, so I never really knew what to say. So… what’s up? After finishing Issue 12, I had planned on just taking a short break (I actually went on

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Issue 12 (Page 22) – Never Heard of ‘Em

Issue 12 (Page 21) – Committed To The Joke

Issue 12 (Page 20) – Ghost Problems

Issue 12 (Page 19) – Iced Cream

Issue 12 (Page 18) – To Be Continued

Issue 12 (Page 17) – Poor Yorick

Issue 12 (Page 16) – Look Over There

Top 10 Comics of 2013!

It’s that time again! As I upload this, it’s December 31st, and  I’m the last person to upload a “best of” list”. Even Tim did one! I’m afraid I couldn’t do a video game list this year, as I’ve been a little behind in some stuff, and am only now playing a few things that came out this year. But

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