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Halloween Finalists!

VOTING IS NOW OVER! Come back Friday to see who won! Here are your finalists for the Halloween Contest! Your choices are: Nico and Gert (“Runaways” – comic) From Geoff Rikku and Lulu (“Final Fantasy X” – Video Game) From Dalles Mulder and Scully (“X-Files” – TV) From Nikki A big thanks to everyone who entered!

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Halloween Contest!

Hello and welcome to the first official Aptitude Test contest! (It rhymes!) With October upon us, I need to figure out what to do for my yearly Halloween comic! To refresh your memories, every year I do a comic with Julie and Rina all dressed up for Halloween. They’ve been Young Avengers, Street Fighters, and Death Weapon Meisters already. So this year, I’m looking for

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Little Poll

Hey guys! I’m just trying out this little poll program here. I have a bigger one I’d like to do, but let’s try this as a test. The next few issues are going to explore some of the superheroes a little more deeply, and I’m curious which ones you guys are most interested in. Edit: Thanks for voting everyone! The poll

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