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Finding The “I” In Team

– Why team-based RPGs capture my imagination more than the alternative.Playing through Persona 4 at the moment, I find myself absorbed in it to a degree I haven’t had with an RPG since Mass Effect. In between these games, I’d picked up both Fallout 3 and Fable 2, and quit both out of general ambivalence. And I couldn’t help but

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Mass Effect 2: Non-Spoiler Warning!

Caution! Spoilers ahead! Or….. is there? During E3, Bioware gave the basic in-booth demo of the next chapter in their proposed three-part space opera, Mass Effect. The demo had all the features you expect, but what was truly surprising wasn’t anything in the demo itself, but what the boys at Bioware were telling people alongside it. As recounted by Garnett Lee

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