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Issue 01 (Page 04) – Wakey, Wakey Corn Flakey

Posted January 30, 2006 | No Comments on Issue 01 (Page 04) – Wakey, Wakey Corn Flakey

Wakey, Wakey Corn Flakey

Dialogue! Fear it! Today’s comic was a bit of a learning experience. I wasn’t sure how to make speech bubbles, but to my luck, Hawk from www.applegeeks.com just put up a tutorial last week that included a great method for doing it. I am going to write him a thank-you letter.
On that note, I’d just like to thank my font recourses. www.blambot.com is where I get the main ones for the comic, plus the occasional one from www.abstractfonts.com
And hey! A second character! That’s Rina. You’ll get properly introduced with these ladies soon enough.

Edit: Oh! I forgot! Aditional art in those posters comes from Tim (–>) and my friend Chris (www.cid-gaius.deviantart.com). Thanks guys!

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