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Issue 03 (Page 17) – Go to Jail

Posted August 13, 2007 | No Comments on Issue 03 (Page 17) – Go to Jail


Should have an extra comic of friday. Cross you’re fingers.
Friday edit:¬†Could do it, but I’d miss monday. Have two for next week.
I’m cutting my usual crap here for something more serious.

I was pretty much punched in the gut when I read the news this morning. Artist Mike Wieringo passed away yesterday of a heart attack. He was 44.

Mike was a big inspiration for me. When I started to get serious about art, I found I was pretty unsure about what kind of book I could do. Or even what kind I wanted to do. After reading the first Fantastic Four issue by Mike Wieringo and Mark Waid, I knew what kind of book I wanted to draw.

His amazing storytelling and attention to character were a gift to the industry that won’t be the same without him.

“Toug implores you to visit www.mikewieringo.com”

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