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Issue 12 (Cover)

Posted May 6, 2013 | 8 Comments on Issue 12 (Cover)

Issue 12 begins! And on an all-new website! The address is now http://www.aptitudetestcomic.com so update you bookmarks!


In this issue we learn a little more about Cerebella, our resident Mistress of the Mind, and maybe bring out the 20-sided dice while we’re at it.


– “They don’t allow you to have bees in here.”


Viewing and commenting from my phone! Congrats and the new site looks great. I am really digging the new banner too.

OK, posting again because I just reread the first 3 issues and found a couple problems.

Firstly, you still mention that you can find the 2 page spread of the end of issue 1 in the archives, but I didn’t see it there, or in the gallery. And speaking of the archives, there’s some crazy stuff with those drop-down menus, but they work fine. Haven’t tested without javascript yet though.

Secondly, issue 2 page 4 has apparently been replaced with a duplicate of page 3. Since that’s where Rina first meets Aaron, you may want to fix that.

I also saw a few spelling and grammar problems, but they seem less important. I’ll only point them out if you want me to.

For positive things, I do love being able to use arrow-key navigation. More comics should have that.

Keep up the good work!

Holy crap. I didn’t even know you could arrow-key navigate. That’s awesome.

And thanks for the notes on the archive. I’m gonna sit down and run through it myself sometime this week to double check everything and fix any errors.

Hey, just shouting out to say hello and congrats on the new site! =) It looks absolutely wonderful, and perfectly matches the aesthetic of the comic. ^-^

One of my favorite things about this comic is how body-positive, feminist, and all-around-inclusive you seem to be. I don’t know if you do it consciously or if you’re just a decent human being, but I really appreciate reading this and not constantly tripping over stereotypes that are more harmful than not. Keep up the fantastic work!

That is an all-around wonderful compliment to get, let me tell you.
The fact that you get all that from my comic without me ever having to say it outright means I must be doing something right. Thank you. :)

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