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got from the first comic to now in under 2 hours, obviously you need to update more =P, or have started earlier.
Looking forward to what happens next.

I notice the two filler comics that were beyond this one that explained about the comic being on hiatus due to the author having computer issues have been removed. Does that mean the author has a new computer now, so we can hope for new comics?

I still check this webcomic a couple times a month in the hope that it comes back from hiatus. I’m not sure what happened to the two newer pages that explained why the comic was no longer updating.

When it became clear that I wasn’t gonna be able to return in the near future, I just figured I’d rather not have the “brb” updates be the first thing people see if they come to the site. New people might still find they’re way here to read the older issues, so I figured that was for the best, visually speaking. Between the blog and the update timestamp, they’d figure out what they needed.

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